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I was born in La Paz, an acrobat capital city sitting on a slope of the Bolivian altiplano at nearly 4000 meters above sea level where, in the heart of the Andes, the cordillera begins a sudden descent towards the plains of the Amazon. It is a mineral environment where withered vegetation must extract itself from the rock and draw its life out of a clay soil dried up by the sun. Yet, it is also a melting pot brimming with traditions, rituals and festivals during which offerings are made to the Pachamama (Mother Earth), and the Ch’alla* is performed to bless cars, homes and businesses every year for carnival. It is as much this syncretism as the splendor of nature that inspires my artistic approach today.

*blessing to the Pachamama in Aymara language

My work focuses on the relationship between man and nature as well as the interactions between humans and non-humans and the resulting question of how do we share territories. I particularly enjoy interdisciplinary collaborations which allow me to question our anthropocentric paradigm, necessary exercise to perceive the world around us differently, rethink our connections with the living and become capable again of granting significance to things in life that are often considered  trivial.

As an architect, I like to compose with spaces, dimensions and light. I stage them in large-scale installations that aim to produce a strong visual impact. At the same time I give in a large part to the sound in my works. By soliciting the hearing it allows one to enter a more immediate sensory dimension. I gladly mix technology and natural or recycled materials. Curious about nature’s relationship to time, I routinely subject these materials to biological and chemical processes of alteration and decomposition to bring out visual or sound textures testifying to this perpetual renewal of life.