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Because life is always an environment of its own (Coccia Emanuele, La vie des plantes), the interest of my work is very much in the relationship and interactions between Man and nature. If each living being lives in the life of the other, it seems essential to me to try to show in my work this complex interplay of interactions, these balances that are made and disintegrated in a perpetual search for harmony, which appears to be today, very fragile.

As an architect, I really like to compose with spaces, dimensions and light. I put them on stage in large scale installations that allow me to design artistic proposals with a strong visual impact. I also use sound very much in my work because it allows oneself to find distance from the analytical and reflected approach of the glance in order to enter a more immediate and sensory dimension by soliciting hearing.

In addition, in a process of artistic research on themes that are dear to me such as the loss of biodiversity, the excessive production of waste or the complexity of empathy; I am interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and mixing technology and natural materials.