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I was born in La Paz, the acrobat capital perched at almost 4000 meters above sea level on a slope of the Bolivian altiplano where, in the heart of the Andes, the mountain range begins a sudden dive towards the plains of the Amazon. It is a mineral place where the shriveled vegetation has to get out of the rock and wrest its life from a clay soil dried up by the sun. It is also, paradoxically a fertile base of traditions, rituals and festivals during which we make an offering to the Pachamama and perform the Ch’alla to bless cars, dwellings and shops every year for carnival.

Because life is always an environment of itself *, my work is very interested in human relationships with nature and its interaction with it. If each living being lives in the life of the other it seems essential to me to try to show in my works this game of complex interactions, these balances which are made and undone in a perpetual search for harmony, which appears today very fragile.

As an schooling architect, I really like to compose with spaces, dimensions and light. I stage them in large-scale installations that allow me to design artistic installations with high visual impact. I also use a lot the sound in my work because it allows us to distance ourselves from the mainly analytical aproch of the sight to enter into an immediate and sensory dimesion by stimulating hearing.

In addition, in an artistic research approach on themes that are dear to my heart such as the loss of biodiversity, excessive waste production or the complexity of empathy, I am interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and mixing the technology with natural materials. Another possible manifestation of a taste for syncretism that I surely owe to my native Bolivia.


 *COCCIA Emanuele, The Life of Plants: A Metaphysics of Mixture, Bibliothéque Rivages, 2016.