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The singing worms

TECHNIQUESound installation
COORDINATES41.908721, 12.474869

The singing  worms chooses an eco-acoustic observation of the soil in order to examine the impact of different anthropic disturbances: chemical inputs, industrial waste, heavy metals, noise pollution, etc. on the biodiversity of the Hauts-de-France region.

This work, carried out between April and November 2019, takes the form of an art and science collaboration. Although it relies on readings from partner laboratories and is inspired by a scientific protocol research , it does not seek demonstration. Rather, it offers bridges between these disciplines in order to arouse reciprocal curiosities, to inspire deviations from supposed norms and, perhaps, somewhere, to contribute to advancing the path of thought.

The results of these interdisciplinary exchanges gave rise to a immersive sound installation of 24 speakers and vibrators arranged into a spiral of 300 x 300 x 300 cm. and 5 hollowed tree trunks from which inside, sounds of outside ground recordings are emitted. Enveloping those trunks, 5 compositions made from in situ sound registrations and individual recordings from some species of insects, are heard in a looped playback. Those records come out of 5 of the 9 sites studied in the region: a former metal factory, a conventional agriculture field and a meadow located next to a 6-way highway, chosen for its high content of chemical and/or noise pollution , as well as: a meadow with a lot of biological diversity, and a field of organic farming, chosen for having less anthropic impact.


Le chant des vers – version complète

Mortagne du Nord

Colchium Meadow

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