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Tan lejos del sentido

TYPEVisual installation
PLACE OF EXHIBITIONCultural Centre Simon I Patiño
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

The extinction of species caused by man goes back well before our technological and demographic domination on the Earth. We can thus trace the role played by hunter-gatherers in the disappearance of species at 10,000 years to even 50,000 years before our era (Nature’s Place: Human Population and the Future of Biodiversity). The concept of this work is based on the various researches done on the loss of biodiversity and the disappearance of species on our planet. These studies show us that since the beginning of life on Earth, species have followed a gradual and balanced evolution. Many of them have not survived some changes on Earth such as different ice ages and climate warming. Many scientists identify these phenomena as the causes of certain animal extinctions. However, it is also demonstrated that the disappearance of thousands of species is not only due to these natural changes but also largely to the intensive hunting conducted by humans. This work consists of 45 pieces of recycled wood. These are arranged in the manner of a horizontal frieze which tells the evolution of the biodiversity on the Earth from its origin until today. This evolution is represented using a technique of etching and pyrography in negative on one side and in positive on the opposite side. The pieces of wood can be arranged in different ways, suggesting the changes that endured our planet.