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TYPEOlfatory, sound and visual installation
Tourcoing, France

This olfactory experiment was carried out as part of a workshop on smell and organized around 8 painted paper panels, pyrographed and impregnated with the smell of q’oa (Clinopodium bolivianum), a plant of the Andean highlands of the Lake Titicaca region. This medicinal herb found in the center of all offering rituals is timeless  too. It carries with it all past ancestral beliefs and opens a passage in the future by allowing to fulfill wishes by an act of reciprocity with the earth. The 8 panels are arranged to represent my journey from Bolivia to France. This one began the day before I left for an island of the lake, the Isla de la Luna, with a secular act by which I celebrated my aspiration to discover as well as the gratitude to carry with me all these traditions.