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TYPECuratorial project for visual installations
PLACE OF EXHIBITIONCentro Cultural de España
La Paz, Bolivia

This installation, proposed and created in less than 24 hours at the end of an curatorial exhibition workshop, is composed of five works that are linked and assembled to expose the failure of a process of development that begun a long time ago and whose only solution to deal with its inevitable consequences seems to be forward escape. The works highlight the impact of extractive activities and consumption habits on our environment and society. They symbolize a nature constantly disturbed and threatened by the progress of Man, which constantly alters the natural course of life and limits it by fragmenting the world into political and economic territories. The consequences of such a system are no longer in doubt. But if the urgency to rethink this model and face a new adaptation challenge is in all speeches, remedies are sorely lacking and only a few placebos are put in place. Their effects can be expressed as even more disastrous. It is this urgency that I wanted to reflect with immediate works, given by the pressing framework of this exhibition which inspired me.