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Beyond the tropic of the sun

TECHNIQUESound, video installation and photography
COORDINATES41.908721, 12.474869

This multi-channel sound, video and photographic installation exposes my research and conjectures of 19th century migration in Bolivia of my Italian grand-grandfather, Domenico Lorini, a fighter who was part of Garibaldi’s red shirts (the army that united Italy), but especially a scientist who was very early interested in the healing properties of the medicinal plants of the «New World» including Coca. From this plant he managed to extract an elixir that could still be widely consumed today.

The sound work is accompanied by video projections and experimental slides presenting various documents found during my research in Rome, Milan, Genoa and Venice during the résidence Wicar (Wicar art residency).  I opt for speech and sounds as a way of orality, that is still very present in some communities in South America and which I think as a very effective and sensitive way of connecting us to the past. The image and the sound are closely related in this work. While images arouse reverie, sound composition seeks to transport us in space and time. As a result, the moving image, finally moves very little although, while the sound composition circulates freely throughout the space occupied by the installation.

Beyond the tropic of the sun

With the support of

In collaboration with

  • Marco Cristante, PhD en Histoire Contemporaine, Rome – Italie